17 easy steps for setting up xdt transformations in your web projects

So, what is xdt used for? Xdt is a way to generate the correct .config (or other xml-files) when you have different servers you need to deploy your web project to. This way you do no longer have to manually keep track of changes made to the different config files. (It is also used in Continous Integration, but I will not cover that here).

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New features for the Meridium.FolderBrowserProperty

I have togheter with Håkon Nordli at NorgesGruppen, made som new features for the Meridium.FolderBrowserProperty. The property itself lets you choose a folder from the filearchive in EPiServer. Our expansion lets you choose multiple folders using only one property. We have called the new property MultiFolderProperty, and the expansion is made in the Meridium.FolderBrowserProperty source which you can download on epicode.

Possible security issues when caching

I ran into this problem while I was working on an EPiServer solution at work some time ago. The website had a control that generated links for different language branches in the solution. The control read a query string parameter from the current url to generate the links. It also cached all the links when done. All well so far. When a user visited the site, the control checked if the list of links where in the cache, and if so, served them out to the user.

Working with PageObjects

In my current EPiServer project we needed some sort of comment functionality on an article. After some thought of how to do this, we decided that PageObjects probably was the best solution for our needs.