Default hash algorithm changed from SHA1 to HMACSHA512 in EPiServer 7

If you're starting a new EPiServer 7 project designed to share credentials with another system, beware that the default algorithm has been changed.

Siste innlegg

EPiServerFriendlyUrlRewriteProvider rewrites urls that belong to a different site

I have two EPiServer sites linking back and forth to each other. In the test environment the two sites are only available on IP addresses. No DNS is created for the two.

Site A: []:[port X]
Site B: []:[port Y]

if site A renders a link to site B on a none friendly way (templates/page.aspx?id=120), it will be rewritten by EPiServer Friendly Url Rewriter if the two sites have the same page id in there database. The result will be a link point to a page on site A instead.

EPiServer.Blog setup

This post tries to pinpoint every aspect of the EPiServer.Blog setup. How do you add tags to the tags collection property on the blog item page, how does the tagcloud get updated, how does the blog item pages get created beneath correct date root pages? Use this when troubleshooting your blog setup.