Limitations in the discounts calculation in EPiServer Commerce

If you want to calculate discounts for products or related catalogs, you'll need to rewrite the default GetDiscountPrice function.

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New category layout

In a project I'm working in we're using EPiServer categories, or more correctly: lots of categories! And like all others who have work with many categories with sub-categories, sub-sub-categories etc., I thought that there must be a better way to display them. So I made this little adapter.

Extended PageTree

If you want to extend EPiServer's PageTree to only/not include spesific pagetypes you can do this by creating your own pagetree control and make it inherite from EPiServer's PageTree class.

Images not showing in IE

Sometimes I get customers complaining that images are not showing in IE while other browsers like FireFox are showing them just fine, and I’ve spent a few hours debugging this problem thinking it was a bug in my solution. Even though the problem isn’t EPiServer related (as you will see later), the question has been raised enough times for me to write a short post about it.

Frequently storage of data and invalidating of cache problem

In one of our projects we came across an interesting problem where we had to store data frequently which invalidated our OutputCache and caused a slow site. The scenario was that all users should be able to store bookmarks, contacts and tools (pages with information) to the specific user’s profile page seamlessly.