Configuring default toolbar buttons in TinyMCE 4 for Episerver

With Episerver now supporting TinyMCE 4, here's how to configure some of the most common toolbar buttons.

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Nye ansatte våren 2017

Denne våren starter slik fjoråret sluttet - med full fart på spennende prosjekter. Vi gleder oss over å presentere tre nyansatte utviklere som styrker Episerver-laget vårt.

Internet Explorer 10 bugs

Microsoft has come a long way with their web browser since the now largely eradicated Internet Explorer 6. Unfortunately, bugs from previous iterations of the browser have made a nest and are still alive and well in Internet Explorer 10.

Creating a consistent look in EPiServer plugins

There are loads and loads of plugins for EPiServer out there on the internets. We've got places like CodeResort, CodePlex and probably a few others that collectively supply us developers with vast amounts of tools and easy solutions. Sad thing, though - a lot of it looks really dirty.