Quality Assurance (QA) Checklists

These are the QA checklists (for backend CMS + Commerce) we use at Epinova, as promised on the EPiServer meetup we had in our Epinova offices on March 3rd, 2015.

I have removed items that are specific to our internal company infrastructure and software, replacing them with more generic descriptions.

Keep in mind that these are dynamic documents, being frequently updated. Requirements are added, changed or removed on a daily basis, if need be. The following is the state of the document at the time of writing this.

This is not an exhaustive list of what makes a good solution. Things that are "always done right" or simply "always provided" by tools we use have been removed from the list over time. Some of the points are also somewhat specific to how we do things, and might not apply to all development environments. Some of the points are also very easily checked (or passed during development) using automated in house tools we've made - and might be time consuming to check manually. Feel free to create your own tools :-)

Every point has to be subjectively considered for each individual project, so there is room for interpretation here and there.

Feel free to share this or use it for your internal development projects, but please give credit and don't republish modified versions in your own name.


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QA list for Backend CMS 7.5+ MVC

Source code and database

Config files and other settings

Editor friendliness

Administrator friendliness

Technical quality

Language settings



Development environment

Test, demo and stage environments

Production environment

In addition to this, we have free text areas for "Miscellaneous" and "Summary" to point out every other thing that we might find during the checking.

Extended QA list for Commerce

Content structures

Order flow and shopping cart

Commerce Manager

Account administration (if relevant)

Security, validation and access control

Architecture and code

Development environment