Using jQuery properly in Google Tag Manager

You probably shouldn't be using jQuery in GTM script tags, but if you must, here's how to do it properly.


Internet Explorer 10 bugs

Microsoft has come a long way with their web browser since the now largely eradicated Internet Explorer 6. Unfortunately, bugs from previous iterations of the browser have made a nest and are still alive and well in Internet Explorer 10.

Creating a consistent look in EPiServer plugins

There are loads and loads of plugins for EPiServer out there on the internets. We've got places like CodeResort, CodePlex and probably a few others that collectively supply us developers with vast amounts of tools and easy solutions. Sad thing, though - a lot of it looks really dirty.

Cleaning up the web

Since the launch of the first iPhone in 2007, the market for smart phones - and recently also tablets - has grown rapidly. More and more users now browse the web daily on these small, portable devices. As with everything else in this industry, us developers have to pay attention to this and keep up.