Do you know what the SoftLink table in EPiServer is used for ? When publishing a page in EPiServer, the page properties are parsed for links (external/internal urls, images etc). When a link is found, its inserted in the softlink table. This way EPiServer is capable of managing all links that exists on the site. 

A customer of me had some trouble with a almost empty softlink table. It contained some old items, but not any new once. None of us could understand why. I then started digging in EPiServer using the fantastic .NET Reflector utility. Deep down there I found a surprise: To be able to insert anything at all in the softlinks table, EPiServer checks if the "Searchable" property of the parsed property is checked! If so is true, the property will be parsed and any found links will be indexed in the tblSoftLinks table.
After discovering that I went back to admin mode to check the state of this property, and you guess what ? The searchable propertys for all our XHTML properties were not checked!!
This experience tells that this property is used for more than the EPiServer documentation states. We all know that the property is used to make a property searchable to EPiServers search engine, but at least I didn't know that this property also is used to determine whether it should be indexed in the tblSoftLink table or not.
By the way: the tblSoftLinks table is fantastic. If you haven't tried it, do it. The EPiServer guys in Sweden have made a cool utility, Link Report, that report dead links based on the content in the table: To download the module, register for membership and download it here:

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