Epinova launches Episerver into space

On Sunday April 1st, digital experience agency Epinova successfully launched their EPIC NOVA rocket into orbit, with an Episerver site as payload.

"Everyone's so obsessed with launching software in the Cloud. We wanted to take it a step further and launch Episerver into space", says Inge Halvorsen, Epinova CEO and Flight Director for this project.

"We've been working on this in secret for a while, and we're delighted everything went as planned."

On Sunday April 1st, the rocket was finally launched from the Epinova HQ outside Arbeidersamfunnets Plass in Oslo, Norway.

View footage from the test launch below:


The EPIC NOVA™ rocket (codenamed "Sparrowhawk" during construction) was built by Epinova software engineers in their spare time. Custom parts were delivered by Alloy Technologies, a long-time collaborator for many of Episerver's technology partners around the globe.

"We approached this project like any other", says Lars Øyvind Bodahl, Data Processing Systems Engineer for the project. "All the mission-critical guidance software was subject to strict quality control, unit tests and automatic builds using Team City. The actual launch mechanism was fully automated using Octopus Deploy. It's a sweet setup that provides the optimal level of confidence in a successful launch."

Test Launch of the EPIC NOVA rocket

Episerver as payload

The rocket had a very special payload: A USB flash drive containing a fully functional Episerver CMS site.

"Our ultimate dream is that one day, after travelling millions of miles through space, the flash drive may eventually end up in the hands of intelligent life out there. Hopefully, they have USB compatible hardware and will be able to fire up our Episerver site to witness the pinnacle of human achievement in Content Management, Digital Commerce and Personalization", says Kristian Borg, Epinova CTO and Payloads Officer for the project.

Episerver Alloy Site payload for EPIC NOVA rocket

No-go for Tesla payload

«Originally, we wanted to include the CEO's personal Tesla as a payload, but his wife said no», says Arild Henrichsen, Epinova CMO and Public Affairs Officer for the project.

"Instead, we opted for a Tesla Roadster toy replica, which is glued onto the USB flash drive."

As an extra Easter Egg, if you look closely in the video footage, you can see an inscription on the dashboard in the toy car that reads, 'EPIC COMEBACK, GØRAN!'

Update: If it wasn't already abundantly clear, this article was part of an April Fool's Day prank. No USB drives were harmed in the making of this rocket!

USB Flash Drive and Tesla toy replica