New PIM system, for a common master database, at Felleskjøpet and Granngården

When Felleskjøpet Agri chose a PIM system, they also needed a partner to implement the solution and develop a new data model for product information management.

Felleskjøpet Agri had chosen a new PIM system, Syndigo PIM (formerly Riversand), to take control of the quality and sharing of product information, internally and externally at Felleskjøpet and its sister company Granngården in Sweden, with the goal of building a joint master database. Felleskjøpet needed a partner who together with Syndigo could set up the solution and develop the new data model for product information management.

Syndigo PIM was chosen as an enterprice solution for Felleskjøpet ASA Norway and Granngården AB Sverige, with the goal of building a joint master database in the Group. 
Approximately 400,000 products and media were to be migrated to Syndigo. Epinova's role, together with Syndigo, was to build a new common data model and integrations that suited both countries' needs. With Syndigo PIM in place in Felleskjøpet's system landscape, product information is retrieved from various support systems and is integrated with the online stores on the Optimizely Commerce platform. 

About Felleskjøpet Agri

Felleskjøpet Agri, with over 125 years of history, is a cooperative owned by more than 39,000 farmers. With over 4,000 employees, they are a key supplier of technology and equipment to Norwegian agriculture and operate around 100 stores for both farmers and consumers. In 2016, Felleskjøpet acquired Agri Granngården in Sweden, thereby expanding its Nordic presence with over 100 stores. The company has also engaged in real estate, bakery products and equipment for park and pets. As market regulator for grain, they strengthen their members' agricultural economies and live up to the vision: "Together we take care of the land, animals and the future."

Solution and process

Granngården was the first to carry out the migration work in 2019. Epinova and Syndigo built a new common data model and in 2021 started work on migrating Felleskjøpet's products from SAP Hybris to Syndigo PIM. Now both organizations' product data is gathered in one solution.

In addition to managing product information, Syndigo PIM is a collaboration platform that helps ensure correct and quality-assured product data, shared to all consumers of product information. The online shops of Felleskjøpet and Granngården are the largest consumers of this product data.

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