Projects don't succeed by chance. Our team of experts leverages agile methodologies and a wealth of experience across hundreds of projects to deliver efficient, effective solutions.

E-commerce and online store

By combining professional expertise with holistic advice, we turn ambitions into competitive advantages.

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Strategy and advice

Our most important task is to support your organization, so you can succeed digitally. We use understanding of needs, a holistic overview and focus on continuous improvement to advise on what provides the most value.

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Website and self-service

Collaboration with ambitious organizations over a long period of time has made Epinova one of Norway's leading Optimizely suppliers.

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Digital Services Platform

A digital service platform helps your business adapt quickly to new needs. It forms the foundation for you to get a long-term, flexible and scalable IT structure.

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Four people pointing down at a laptop

Test and quality assurance

Testing and quality assurance are central to catching errors in solutions, and ensuring that developers can work faster and safer.

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Maintenance and further development

A maintenance agreement gives you priority access to Epinova's expertise and knowledge. We maintain expertise in the solution and ensure high quality and good response.

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Other disciplines

Design and technical architecture

You need to know how the flow of information on the site should work. How the flow is connected to the underlying systems, and where all the information should be obtained from. This imposes constraints on how the website should be designed. We assist with our own architects, and work with your preferred design partner to land the architecture and design for your website.

Project Management

When the website is to be developed, there are often complex integrations with your core systems such as ERP, CRM and PIM, or the development of your digital service platform. To coordinate all parties in a project, our experienced project managers use an agile working methodology, guiding you from A to Z. Our expertise and experience save you both time and money.

We can help you succeed digitally

Whether it's your website, webshop, intranet or omnichannel you've invested in, we can advise you on how to get the best ROI. Contact us for a chat.

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    Geir Andås

    Leder salg og marked CSO

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  • Ida Lønn Barvik

    Forretningsrådgiver og salgsansvarlig

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    Kundesjef CCO

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    Seniorrådgiver digital handel

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  • Bilde av Arild Henrichsen

    Arild Henrichsen

    Rådgiver strategi og teknologi, Optimizely-ekspert OMVP, Commerce, CMS, .Net

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    Geir S. Nodland

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