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Multi page property

"Have you ever wanted to store multiple page references in one property in EPiServer? This custom property lets you do exactly that." (copied from coderesort.com)


CodeResort is a hosted community for code development and maintainance projects. Here you can find several open source modules for EPiServer. Multi page property is one of them.

New features in Multi page property:
The multi page property was developed by Jeremy Norman and added to coderesort in ... In his version, the editor could add, delete and sort multiple pagelinks within one property in EPiServer. Very useful property when wanting to customize menus in EPiServer. See his blog. One big drawback for the editor was that there were no way to edit existing links. The editor had to delete and add the link once more to "edit" it.

Have you already guessed what new feature I've added? Congratulations! Editors can now edit existing page links. See figure.
Multi page property
Source code is available at coderesort.com

I have extended the PageSelectorEx control with a Index and Clone property. Index refers to the position within the pagelist, and the Clone is a reference to the existing link. The clone is used to launch the EPiServer link dialogbox with the existing link data.

PageLoad in MultipageSelector.aspx.cs is extended to handle postbackdata from PageSelectorEx controls using the Clone property.