There’s a smart built-in function in EPiServer that I guess not to many editors/developers use or are aware of. This function is extremely smart to know about and configure as a standard part of a EPiServer project. At least if the site has the nature of frequently updating of some selected pages.

System settings dialog

This setting can be found in admin mode on the Config tab by choosing System settings and then Editing. There you can find the setting “Max. number of old versions of page”. Default this is set to 0, which means unlimited number of versions. Its not unthinkable that a popular site can reach several thousand versions of i.e. the start page, which in turn takes up unnecessary space in the db and make edit mode perform poor. My guess is that when you reach version 1234 of a page, you are no longer interested in version 347... So basically my message is to start use this setting if you already haven’t.

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