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Epinova.EmailObfuscator: New module on Epicode

Are your customers tired of being spammed? Here are the solution: A Httpmodule that obfuscates all e-mail addresses on the webpage.

Most people are annoyed by the amount of spam emails we receive every day, and our customers are getting tired of being spammed as well. The main problem is webpages that exposes e-mail addresses directly on the website. As web developers, we can make a difference and make it impossible for robots to crawl our sites for e-mail addresses.

In Epinova, we have been using our email obfuscator for more than three years, and we decided it was about time to share it with the rest of you EPiServer developers. Epinova.EmailObfuscator is a genius httpmodule that obfuscates all mail addresses on the webpage. Robots crawling the webpage will not see any e-mail addresses, but instead they will see HTML like this:

<img id='Eoi_2' class='obfimg' 
src='/Images/emailimages/cfd193fe7638bf102ecd4c457812350a.png' alt=''  />
<script type="text/javascript"><!--
document.write(dc('Eoi_2', '7A44154[LOOONG STRING]471C1F08125A1B46'));//-->

Users browsing the site will not notice anything different on the page. And if the browser does not support javascript, a picture of the email address will be displayed instead.

To have a look at this project, you can download it from Coderesort (https://www.coderesort.com/p/epicode/wiki/Epinova.EmailObfuscator) and try it yourself :-)