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Epinova.Mobile.Core released on Nuget

<p>The Epinova.Mobile.Core plugin is now available on the&nbsp;Episerver Nuget feed&nbsp;with a few changes/ improvements since I first blogged about it.</p>

See also: Introducing Epinova.Mobile.Core for mobile EPiServer solutions

Updates & improvements

Mobile detection

If you do not set the setting for"MobileDeviceMaxWidth" the method Request.IsMobileDevice() will be based on the WURFL properties "is_wireless_device" and "is_tablet":

int mobileDeviceMaxWidth;
int.TryParse(ModuleSettings.Instance.MobileDeviceMaxWidth, out mobileDeviceMaxWidth);          
if (mobileDeviceMaxWidth == 0)
      return device.IsWireless() && !device.IsTablet();

This way you dont have to set any settings to get the component up and running.

Request extensions

  • IsMobileDevice
  • IsMobileDevice (int mobileDeviceMaxWidth)
  • IsTabletRequest
  • IsBotRequest (WURFL built-in)
  • IsDesktopRequest (WURFL built-in)
  • IsMobileRequest (WURFL built-in, do not use if you dont want iPad to fall under the mobile category)
  • IsSmartTvRequest (WURFL built-in)
  • GetDeviceForRequest

Device extensions

  • Capabilities
  • IsWireless
  • IsTablet
  • ClaimsWebSupport
  • ResolutionWidth
  • ResolutionHeight
  • MaxImageWidth
  • MaxImageHeight
  • MakeCallString

Utilities (WurflInfo)

  • GetDeviceById(string deviceId)
  • GetAllDevices()

These are the extension methods added as of now. More may become available. It is updated with the latest WURFL API from Nuget (WURFL_Official_API.1.4.1)


Available now on EPiServer Nuget feed (ID: Epinova.Mobile.Core)