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Epinova.Mobile.TemplateProvider updated and released on Nuget

<p>The Epinova.Mobile.TemplateProvider plugin has been updated and is now available for download from the EPiServer Nuget feed.</p>

For an introduction to the Epinova.Mobile.Templateprovider, see:
Flexible EPiServer mobile content strategy with Epinova.Mobile.TemplateProvider 


  • MobileDefaultTemplateName
    It is now possible to spesify the name of the mobile version og Default.aspx, typically MobileDefault.aspx If no value is defined, MobileDefault.aspx will be used.
  • Mobile preview in Edit-mode
  • Latest version of Epinova.Mobile.Core with WURFL API 1.4.1
  • Added CssClass property to the TemplateSwitcher control

The future

I do not know how EPiServer 7 will handle mobile rendering (with multiple renderers) but until then I see this as a better solution than using MobilePack (read more about the advantages in my previous blog post.)


Available on the Episerver Nuget feed (ID: Epinova.Mobile.TemplateProvider)