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Introducing Mobile QR Reach for EPiServer

<p>Combining the hottest web trends into a mobile friendly, social ROI generating, interactive package.</p>

EDIT: It is probably obvious, but this blog post was written as an April Fools prank. Please do not take this text seriously.

In the last couple of years, three very distinct trends have emerged on the web. 

The web has gone mobile. Users expect web content to be not only available to, but adapted for, mobile devices. Techniques like responsive design, media queries and even native apps for specific mobile devices ensure that content is tailored to the user's needs regardless of device. Experts say mobile browsing will surpass traditional desktop browsing within a few years.

The social media scene has had an explosive growth. Businesses are expected to have an online presence beyond their own web site, and social sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is the way to go. Experts say within 3-5 years all traditional corporate and personal homepages, e-commerce and news sites will all be shut down and be converted to Facebook pages.

With camera phones and high speed internet available on handhelds, the QR code phenomenon (Quick Response, or two-dimensional barcodes) has spread worldwide. These barcodes can contain images, links, contacts and much more. By scanning the barcode with a camera phone, the content is instantly delivered to the consumer. Experts say it's just a matter of time before traditional web content and navigation are replaced entirely by QR codes.

To tackle these new demands, we have put together a revolutionary package that provides an all-in-one killer solution.

Introducing - Mobile QR Reach for EPiServer.

This package contains three ready-made modules:

Typical usage scenario

Log onto your web site and create a new page with the content you want to share with your audience.

As soon as you publish the page, Social Reach will automatically create a social message that will be sent to the social media channels you have set up (comes with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn out of the box). No more having to create social message separately. 

Instead of lots of text and links that clutter up your feed, the message will contain only a QR code, created automatically using the QRCode module. 

Users will then see the QR code in their Facebook feed, and scan the QR code directly on the screen using their camera phones or camera-enabled tablets. No more hassle clicking links or typing URLs.

Instantly after scanning, the user will be directed to the mobile version of your content page, created automatically by Mobile Pack, ensuring the user gets the optimal user experience and instant access to your valuable content. (To view an example mobile adapted page, scan the QR code above or click here.)


Download the epimodule from the official nuget-feed, using your favorite ftp client. Unzip it to your desktop.

Using Deployment Center, add the module to your site. Note: Site must be CMS 6 R2 with service pack 3 installed (upgrade your site before installing Mobile QR Reach).

That's it - just plug and play!


Scanning issues

If you are using Facebook for mobile, of course you can't scan the QR code with your own mobile. The solution is obvious - open the QR code on a second phone, and use your own camera phone to scan the QR and open the content.

As an alternative, you can upgrade to Mobile QR Reach Pro, which includes a print option where you can have the QR code automatically printed and sent to your address. Think of it as a way of bookmarking the links for later reading.

Still not working?

If you are having trouble downloading the epimodule, installing it on your site or making your published content appear in your social channels, you might have downloaded the wrong version of the module. Right click the epimodule file and go to the Properties tab. The version number should be "v.UR4F00L" and the creation date should say "April 1st".