Epinova.PageArchiveLinkTool to the rescue!


In web.config, add a location node for the Epinova.PageArchiveLinkTool and define which roles are allowed to use the tool:

<location path="Epinova.PageArchiveLinkTool">
<pages enableViewState="true" />
<allow roles="!!Add your roles here!!" />
<deny users="*" />


Set ArchiveLink on your container page

Set the ArchiveLink property on the root/container page that contains children that have no ArchiveLink set. This value will be used for all its children.
(Note: Only children with no value set will be affected - children with existing values will not be overwritten. )

Specify the root page in the plugin

Open the Epinova PageArchiveLink plugin settings in admin mode.
Set your root/container page in the "Process pages from" field: 

Activate the Scheduled Job

Activate the Epinova PageArchiveLinkTool scheduled job from admin mode.


This plugin is available from the EPiServer NuGet feed.

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