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EPiServer Commerce project essentials

EPiServer Commerce projects are by nature more complex than pure CMS projects. In this blog series I will dive into essential concepts that will help you plan and estimate EPiServer Commerce projects.

Keep in mind that this is a pretty basic, must-think-about list. It is not an exhaustive list of what you might encounter in your project. There is a vast number of factors that can affect your project — no two businesses are the same.

Not all things will be relevant for everyone, but they are definitely things to take into consideration at an early stage of the project. It might just help you get the right things into that estimate you have to hand over to your customer. Remember to always think for yourself. Not one single person in this universe can know your project situation better than you and your team.

The content itself

Many things discussed will not necessarily require technical desicions, but all of them should affect your plans, estimates and implementations.

The focus will be on concepts necessary for developers to think through, more than technical implementations. Also, check out EPiServer's own guide to getting started.