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Epinova.Associations open sourced!

Having two-way-relationships between content is a common scenario on the web today. Automatically linking from each end of the relationship to the other. We've composed our own, very simple module to do this - and it's now open sourced!

Let's say you have project presentation pages listing its participants, and at the same time automatically listing projects an employee has participated in on the employee page. That's what this module does.

You'll find it over at GitHub along with a decent readme which should explain how to use it. The package has also been submitted to the Episerver NuGet feed.

Want anything changed? Feel free to fork it and send us Pull Requests. If it makes sense, it might just be included and published to the feed.

What, and why?

There have probably been a million modules that do roughly this. Some huge, complex frameworks that nobody could ever be bothered to configure, and some of them just too difficult to use for editors.

With the power of the content type structure introduced in CMS7, content areas and IList<ContentReference> properties, we've composed this very simple module. It's supposed to do one thing, and one thing only: Automatic bi-directional relationships between content nodes.

  • Few dependencies (only Episerver.CMS.Core and its child dependencies, so should work in any Episerver project), and is incredibly simple to use.
  • Tried and tested in production environments
  • Lightweight, simple, unobtrusive usage.
  • Supports many different content types.
  • Currently exists in versions supporting CMS major versions 9 and 10.