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NullReference when publishing items with specifications in inRiver PIM

Publishing an entity just results in "An unknown server error has occured" in the event log on your outbound connector? Verify that all CVL items have a value.

If you find the following error when inspecitng the server log after a failed entity publish with the error above.

07:29:16 - Error	 An unknown server error has occured

System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at inRiver.Server.Repository.DataRepository.GetSpecificationAsHtml(Int32 specificationEntityId, Int32 entityId, CultureInfo ci)
   at inRiver.Server.Service.DataService.GetSpecificationAsHtml(Int32 specificationEntityId, Int32 entityId, CultureInfo ci)

...you most likely have CVL items without values. Simply run through all CVLs involved on the entity you published, and make sure they have both a key and a value. Missing values will result in this error - adding it makes everything work again.