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Is my UDP service running?

A little tip on how to see if your UDP port is configured correctly.

I have worked alot with Episerver sites but it has always been someone else that has set up the RemoteEvent configuration between edit/admin server and the front servers. This time it came down on my table. After reading blogs and articles from Episerver I still did not get it working. So I was think if there were some easy way to know if the "listeners" on the front realy where running and listening on the messages from the edit/admin server. I´m not a command prompt fan, but my colleague tipped my to use the "netstat" command. So I gave it a shoot and volá.

"netstat -an"

UDP netstat result

So the command I used was "netstat -an" and then I got a looooong list of all TCP and UDP services with port information and everything. Now it was very easy to check if my specified service and port was in the list.

And now when I google on netstat I found out that there is some programs that can be used if you don´t like to use command prompt. :) Search on google for netstat viewer.

So instead of pounding your head in the concrete wall, this can help you in your debugging / verification.