Digital strategy and consulting

Our most important task is to be a supporter of your organization, so that you can succeed digitally. We use an understanding of needs, a holistic overview and a focus on continuous improvement to advise on which focus areas provide the most value.

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Strategy and goals

With every investment comes an expectation of return. Therefore, it is natural that organizations expect the digital investment to lead to increased profits, customer base or reputation – whether it is a website, online store, intranet or omnichannel they invest in.

Epinova works with organizations that are born digital, those that have had to transition from physical to digital and those that have a foot in both camps. What they all have in common is that the demands they face from customers, users and employees are constantly changing.

To be able to deliver on expectations, organizations need to have a plan for how they can adapt to new demands. There is little gain in solving yesterday's problems - but the same can be said about solving problems that do not support the organization's business goals!

A digital strategy is thus not set in stone, but a dynamic guideline that helps the organization adapt its measures to the goal. Whether you're in a management phase, considering a new project or don't quite know what the next step is, our advisors can help you define a clear path forward.

Achieve your business goals

We help you define good goals for your digital work, which are in line with your business goals. Specification, planning and implementation of measures are some of the things we know!


To achieve your goals, we start with a mapping of the solution's current situation and potential. Together we draw up a roadmap for technology choices, upgrades and migration.

Prioritization and coaching

We have extensive experience in prioritizing backlogs, with a focus on utility and value. We coach you in the Optimizely ecosystem for the most effective editorial business possible.

Digital strategy and consulting summarized

  • Assistance in defining good goals for digital work, which are in line with the organization's business goals
  • Mapping of the solution's current situation and potential
  • Technology selection, upgrade, and migration roadmap
  • Specification, planning and implementation of measures to unleash the potential
  • Prioritization of backlog with a focus on benefit and value
  • Coaching in the Optimizely ecosystem and advice on effective editor operations

We can help you succeed digitally

Whether it is a website, online store, intranet or omnichannel you have invested in, we can advise on how to get the best return. Get in touch for a chat.

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