Maintenance and further development

Your solution should work as well as possible and keep up with your needs, even after launch. A maintenance and further development agreement with us gives you access to ongoing resources and expertise that can ensure that your solution is.

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Secure expert help

A maintenance agreement gives you priority access to Epinova's expertise and knowledge. We maintain expertise in the solution and ensure high quality and good response. Epinova makes sure that all source code and solution documentation is handled in the best possible way.

Our experts help you with error correction, changes and further development. We are available with advice, support and training and take responsibility for regular status meetings.

An agreement with us also includes continuous condition checks of the solutions. It enables us to prevent errors and maintain stability, security and quality. This also ensures that the solution complies with requirements and regulations in relation to, among other things, universal design and search.

At Epinova, management has the same high demands on competence and quality as in the rest of the organization. We communicate in Norwegian or English and are in Norway.

Scalable service

Maintenance in Epinova is a scalable service. As a customer, you have the opportunity to find a level and customize the service to your unique needs.

  • Emergency preparedness / resource access - Our experts are available beyond normal working hours, either for limited periods or on a fixed basis.
  • Analysis/QA - An in-depth analysis and QA of the solution where we look at all solution elements and lay the foundation for further development and optimization.
  • Guaranteed response time - Regulates the maximum time from when a request for assistance is notified to Epinova, until Epinova has made contact and/or initiated the requested work. Fault situations are classified according to severity and response time is adjusted according to the severity of the error.
  • Courses/training - Internal and/or tailor-made courses tailored to your solution and needs.
  • Visibility and SEO analysis - Advice and assistance for planning and implementation in connection with accessibility, visibility and SEO analysis

Looking for a maintenance partner?

We are happy to help you with maintenance and further development of your website. Get in touch to find out how we can best work together.

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