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Bitastad is perhaps better known under the serving concepts Strawberry Girls, Big Bite, Kompis, SOT bar and burger, Sabrura Sticks & Sushi and Sanoi. Bitastad chose Proxima to quickly start developing a multisite e-commerce solution.


Bitastad came to Epinova with the challenge of getting all their chains onto the same digital multisite solution. They wanted to create good shared services in order to offer efficient restaurant operations to their various concepts that were growing rapidly. The system was intended to support the possibility of ordering take away and at the same time enable ordering food in the restaurant itself. An important prerequisite was that the concepts had to be able to develop further, so that services and systems had to be flexible. 

About Bitastad

Bitastad is the greenhouse that owns and develops well-known food and beverage serving concepts. The goal is to build strong and distinct national brands with broad popular appeal, which complement each other. In addition, they also own the accounting firm AST and the distribution company Matmegleren.

Solution and delivery

Epinova teamed up with Northern Beat to develop a common takeaway purchase concept for the various concepts, which can also be reused for new restaurant chains. Sabrura Sticks &; Sushi was first out of the concepts, and the first restaurant went into pilot September 2022. To make the transition to a new solution as smooth as possible, the various concepts selected pilot restaurants to test the new solution for a period before the remaining restaurants were connected. This meant that the transition was done step by step, and valuable experience was gained that made the onboarding of the other serving concepts easier. 

The solution is based on Proxima with Optimizely Commerce with integrations with Munu as a cash register system (POS), Inriver for product management (PIM) and Verifone for payment handling. 

During the first half of 2023, Buddy, Strawberry Girls, SOT bar and burger and Sanoi have also come on the air in the multisite solution, first with their pilot restaurants for a period of time, before all the restaurants were connected in the solution. In addition to the serving concepts, the group pages of Matmegleren and regnskapsfirmat AST as well as the website of Bitastad have become part of the solution as separate CMS pages.

In total, the multisite has over 100 restaurant locations across the restaurant concepts, which means that many orders go through the system daily. It is therefore critical that the solution has good stability and performance.

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