Proxima, a solution for digital commerce and much more

We say that Proxima is built on experience, and set up for growth, because it has been developed over time and is the result of experience and customer needs.

Proxima is constantly being developed. This means that we are continuously adding new features that our customers can take advantage of. At the same time, we make sure that the solution is updated in terms of performance, security, accessibility, privacy, etc.

Proxima consists of 4 main components, which we explain in more detail below.

Design system

The design system makes it possible to implement major graphical changes across multiple solutions. It is easy to design a new solution concept in a multisite solution, as well as develop new prototypes quickly.


In order for the website or online store to work well, a lot of different functionality is needed, and links to support systems. Proxima contains many modules that are prepared for implementation. We also develop new modules continuously. By using ready-made modules, the project will be spared several time-consuming processes. Our experience says that the implementation time per service or function can be reduced by 30%-70%.


All basic functionality and necessary templates are defined in the framework. It has been built up over a long period of time from the implementation of Optimizely solutions in both e-commerce, interaction and self-service.

Service platform

The integrations in our framework are built around a service platform. The service platform can be described as a "switchboard" that allows all the different systems to talk to each other in a uniform, efficient and secure way.

The service platform has many advantages:

  • Reuse of integrations - general interface through which all the systems can share data so that all of them have access to the same information, without us having to duplicate time-consuming integration between each individual system
  • Easier to replace systems – if we have to replace a system, only the system that needs to be "connected" to the service platform is affected 
  • Easier maintenance - easier to set up comprehensive, automated testing of functionality. This provides an extra dimension of security around further development and management

We have much more to tell and show about Proxima. Feel free to contact us if you want to hear more about some of the customers who have already used Proxima, prices or see a demo.

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