New PIM solution for Brødrene Dahl

Brødrene Dahl had almost 700,000 product lines and 300,000 active products in its assortment, where product information was managed in an older PIM system. We got to challenge the existing system, map and make use of the opportunities that lay in changing system suppliers.

After a mapping, Brødrene chose Dahl, inriver PIM and Epinova as partners to migrate product information from the existing solution to inriver PIM. Here started our process of exporting approximately 700,000 products and media from Informatica, building the desired model in inriver and migrating all product information to the new system. The goal of digitizing more in the new system was to end up with one source for all product data. The demand for product information has become higher due to industry standards and the need for sharing to consumers of data, such as ETIM (European Technical Information Model) and BIM (Building Information Modelling).   

About Brødrene Dahl  

Brødrene Dahl, with roots dating back to 1867 in Denmark, was established in Norway in 1917. For over a century, they have built up a strong position as a supplier of pipes, valves and infrastructure equipment. The central warehouse at Langhus was established in 1998 and has become a key pillar of the company's logistics strategy, with a strong emphasis on the environment and sustainability, especially in packaging choices. Over the years, Brødrene Dahl has expanded their business, with an important turning point in 2004 when they became part of the Saint-Gobain Group. 

Solution and process

inriver PIM is a tool for collecting, enriching and distributing product information. With the right PIM, product information is delivered to market faster, with customised information in all sales and marketing channels.  

Inriver PIM scored best in Brødrene Dahl's evaluation of systems and was chosen. Epinova started an insight process and mapping of Brødrene Dahl's needs and routines. Our findings formed the basis for a plan for a new data model better adapted to new requirements and future needs, and migration of existing product data to a new solution in in-river PIM. New integrations were created for internal management systems and external consumers of product data.

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