Digital Commerce 2024

Norway's only in-depth survey on the state of Norwegian e-commerce.

The report was prepared by Epinova in the autumn of 2023, based on surveys and interviews with leading e-commerce players in Norway. Here you get unique perspectives from inside Norwegian e-commerce.

Samples from the report:

  • How Norwegian e-retailers relate to rising trends such as AI, re-commerce and live shopping.

  • Customer data is a bigger focus area than ever.

  • How the customer club has an effect on turnover.

  • What the companies are investing in in the future for growth.

  • Which management indicators affect the companies' strategy.

  • What competencies are Norwegian e-retailers strong and weak at?


Our Digital Commerce Advisors

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    Seniorrådgiver digital handel

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  • Bilde av Arild Henrichsen

    Arild Henrichsen

    Rådgiver strategi og teknologi, Optimizely-ekspert OMVP, Commerce, CMS, .Net

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  • Torstein Torblå

    Seniorrådgiver, innsikt og dataanalyse

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