Website and self-service

Through extensive experience partnering with ambitious organizations on Optimizely projects, Epinova has become a leader in the Norwegian market.

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Epinova is a leading provider of comprehensive website and self-service solutions, leveraging the power of the market-leading Optimizely Digital Experience Platform.

Website and self-service 

Effective websites cater to a range of organizational needs and deliver measurable value. Wether serving as a purely informational resource, a straetgic marketing channel or a self-service portal – the essence of the solution should prioritize achieving specific goals. 

Managing external relationships can be highly resource-intensive. Minimizing repetitive direct interactions, such as phone calls and emails, by enabling users to find answers independently or empowering members to resolve tasks regardless of time or location, can lead to significant cost savings.

Proxima - your first framework 

To ensure project efficiency and deliver exceptional value, we leverage our custom framework, Proxima. This approach allows us to reuse core functionalities common across projects, eliminating the need to reinvent the wheel for each client. This translates to significant time and cost savings for both our team and our customers.

This is why our dedicated research and development team invests in standardizing reusable modules. This approach allows us to incorporate these pre-built components into a wider range of projects, benefiting a greater number of clients. These modules function as versatile building blocks, accelerating development and ensuring a consistent user experience.

Our solutions are designed for easy maintenance and long-term success. Together we ensure your website is high quality, remains editor-friendly, and adheres to accessibility and universal design principles. We offer comprehensive support for all included Optimizely tools, including assisting with implementation and training, optimizing search and navigation, setting up A/B testing, enabling efficient editing workflows, and configuring forms for event registration.

Empower your workforce with a tailored intranet

Epinova leverages extensive experience collaborating with large organizations to develop customized intranet solutions. A well-designed intranet fosters a stronger sense of belonging, empowers employees, and streamlines communication by breaking down internal barriers.

We prioritize understanding your unique needs and goals through a collaborative approach. We work closely with you to define your vision for the intranet, ensuring it aligns with both organizational expectations and intended user behavior.


Most new solutions must be aligned with existing systems. Our team boasts extensive experience integrating with various tools like professional systems, document and media libraries, and collaboration platforms. We establish simple, secure and seamless login for all users.

Collaboration tools

Epinova fosters a collaborative environment by seamlessly integrating document databases, professional systems, and powerful search functionalities. Our solutions promote user engagement through features like:

  • Personalized user experiences: Tailored interfaces and content delivery.
  • Interactive discussion walls: Foster knowledge sharing and team communication.
  • Customized workspaces: Dedicated areas for project teams to collaborate effectively.
  • Robust search functionalities: Easily locate relevant information within the system.
  • Commenting and feedback features: Streamline communication and provide constructive feedback.
  • Profile and My page customization: Empower users to personalize their workspace.