Improved digital experience for Culina

Culina is one of Norway's leading suppliers of equipment for commercial kitchens and restaurants. We will make it easier for your customers to find and order what they need with a brand new e-commerce solution!

Culina has been looking for a new partner who can help them build a web portal that they can be proud of. The choice fell on us and we are well underway with the work towards a simpler and better digital experience for both Culina's customers and our own employees.

"When it came time to find a partner for Culina's new e-commerce solution, the assignment landed after a thorough process at Epinova. Epinova has proven deliverability and quality for many years. Proven through numerous awards such as Supplier of the Year 2022 in Optimizely Europe. In addition, Epinova has special expertise and experienced resources based in Norway in various disciplines that contribute to close cooperation in several areas. We have subsequently been very pleased with this choice, says Per Blaasvær, Digital Manager at Culina.  

Culina is a leader in the professional market with everything you need for commercial kitchens and restaurants

- In the future, Culina will be experienced as a digitally mature organization that takes good customer experiences seriously and hasgreat ambitions around our digital presence. The digital trade, in collaboration with our specialists and sales force, will further develop our customer relationships and support further growth in the company, says Per.

- We are especially looking forward to going live on a new e-commerce solution. In close cooperation with Epinova, this will underpin the digital transformation in the company and mark the start of a better customer experience, he continues. 

"We at Epinova are very proud to have landed Culina as a customer. We see that the ambitions, values and people who work in Culina coincide well with Epinova and our core values, says Ida Barvik, Business Advisor and Sales Manager at Epinova. "Most of Epinova's customers have been our customers for a number of years, so when we take on a new customer project, we always think long-term. In collaboration with Culina, we will work for them to achieve their business goals and achieve their visions in the years to come.  

Our sister company and skilled design partner Northern Beat is involved to ensure the good user experience and that the expression and left impression correspond to the ambitions and goals Culina has set for itself. This work consists of two main parts: A part where, through adjustment of identity and visual means, we position the Culina brand where it should be. In the second, the focus is on creating the good user experiences in the e-commerce solution. Customers and advisors should be able to collaborate on concepts and procurement in a seamless way.

Proxima as an accelerator for e-commerce projects

To ensure quality and the desired progress in the project, we at Epinova use Proxima , which is our accelerator for e-commerce projects. It provides a solid foundation we build on in the project. We are developing a modern solution based on the latest Optimizely version and Microsoft .NET Core. A lot of exciting functionality is being developed for Culina. Among other things, the solution will contain support functionality for the salespeople in Culina, so that they can easily assist customers with advice and the ordering process directly in the web portal. 

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"The new solution will be launched in the first half of 2024, and we already have good conversations about what Culina wants for the future. We are impressed by the motivation and willingness to change of Culina's employees and their dedication to their profession. It is incredibly inspiring for us at Epinova who are passionate about what we do to work with a customer who feels the same about their field, says Ida.

We look forward to following, developing and celebrating success in the years ahead together with Culina.

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