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AI, SaaS and Graph: Highlights from Optimizely Opticon 2023

Optimizely CEO Alex Atzberger on stage at Opticon 2023

With AI, SaaS, and Graph search as the major themes at Opticon, exciting new tools are on the horizon for those working with the Optimizely platform. Here's a more concrete summary to shed light on what's behind the buzz.

Even for those of us who have been in the Episerver/Optimizely community for a long time, there is a lot of information to digest after major conferences. There's a lot of marketing to decipher and many details to gather before you get to the core of what the news really means for both customers and partners.

This year, there are a lot of exciting developments on many fronts - some are already available, and some are coming in the near future. There was so much to cover from Opticon 2023 that each topic deserved its own blog post - follow the links below!

Optimizely One

Optimizely One is a rebranding of the DXP platform, clarifying how the Optimizely product family, as a whole, provides a complete toolbox for the entire marketing, content and commerce cycle.

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Optimizely SaaS Core

Optimizely SaaS Core represents an entirely new direction with a cloud-based, headless, API-based, upgrade-free Optimizely platform.

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Optimizely Graph

Optimizely Graph is the new engine for smart content search, aggregation and filtering. As the name suggests, Optimizely Graph uses GraphQL technology (Graph Query Language), which is a powerful API-based query framework that allows all your applications to connect to Graph and request content in various forms.

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Optimizely Opal AI Assistant

Optimizely Opal is the new collective term for the various types of AI embedded in the Optimizely product family. The vision is that Opal should be experienced as an AI assistant you always have available when working with your digital marketing in the Optimizely ecosystem.

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Optimizely Visual Builder

Optimizely Visual Builder is a tool that emphasizes content composition, offering a stand-alone, intuitive, visual editing experience. Along with functionality for no-code templates and personalization, Visual Builder will enhance Optimizely's focus on headless and SaaS.

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Optimizely Composable Commerce

Optimizely recognizes that not all online stores have the same functional requirements. One of the strengths of the new SaaS Core concept is that the core components consist of the essentials needed to configure templates and basic functionality, but those building the online store can choose from a selection of value-added services on top of the basic functionality, also known as 'composable commerce.'

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