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Epinova joins the EPiServer Inner Circle

Participating in the EPiServer Inner Circle program gives us a unique opportunity to influence the road ahead for both platform and partnership.

Started in 2015, the EPiServer Inner Circle program is a forum where selected, influential EPiServer partners get together to discuss strategies and roadmaps. Participants share valuable feedback for EPiServer as a platform, and help shape the best possible cooperation within the partner network.

The foundation of this group is a significant recognition of the parter network's positive influence and strong contributions towards the success of the platform. The group will meet twice a year, across international borders, in connection with official events around the world. 

Since our 2007 startup, Epinova have shown unwaivering faith in EPiServer as a leading digital marketing and commerce platform - and we're still the only Premium Partner focusing solely on EPiServer-based solutions. Our focus and ability to deliver have landed us EPiServer Partner of the Year in 2014 and 2012, and our experienced consultants have been honored with both EMVP status and community awards.

Geir Allan HoveRepresenting Epinova in the Inner Circle will be Geir Allan Hove (co-founder and CMO), who can't wait to get started: 

"We're proud to be invited into the Inner Circle, and see it as a recognition of Epinova's strong dedication and expert competence. It's also hugely beneficial for our clients that we're now able to directly influence how to provide even more value for everyone using the solutions we create."

The first Inner Circle meetup will take place at the EPiServer Ascend 2015 (Nov 8-11) in Las Vegas, which Epinova will naturally be attending.