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EpiCloud v1.0 vs Epinova DXP deployment extension


EpiCloud v1.0.0 is released on PowerShellGallery. Epinova DXP extension is now using the new EpiCloud version. What is new?


Optimizely have now release version v1.0.0 of EpiCloud PowerShell module. The EpiCloud PowerShell module is used to communicate with the DXP Cloud API. Epinova DXP extension and many other deployment solutions are using the EpiCloud Powershell module to handle deployments to Optimizely DXP.

The big change from EpiCloud v0.13.15 to v1 is that the Az modules that are used under the hood, is backed into the EpiCloud module. And don´t needs to be installed as PowerShell modules as before. Just execute and smile.

 And the nice thing is that EpiCloud v1 is also cross platform compatible.

Updates in Epinova DXP extension

In Epinova DXP extension (v2.1.8) we now also include the EpiCloud v1 and all its DLLs and scripts within each task. So, the agent should not need to download and install the EpiCloud module. It should be able to just import the existing EpiCloud package included in the task.

So, for those that use Epinova DXP extension, everything is taken care of. Just carry on with your life.


For the latest documentation and guides please visit the repo on GitHub. Where all code, documentation and YAML files etc. exist.